Mimi Scholtz refers to herself as a Coach whisperer. Her exposure to the Agile framework ignited a true passion for relentless improvement and creative innovation. Ever since then, she has been cultivating herself, her skills, knowledge, and experience, consistently striving to promote growth within her teams and coach the intelligent system that operates within them.

With 30 years of IT experience, Mimi possesses a diverse skill set that includes software development and multiple Agile implementations. Over the past decade, Mimi has excelled as a Scrum Master and Agile Coach, leveraging her extensive background to maximize value for organizations. She is known for being an influencer, bridge builder, and pioneer in her field. As a teacher, she inspires others by applying the "Training from the Back of the Room'' principles.

Mimi's dedication to the Agile community is evident through her contributions to several SUGSA and Community of Practice gatherings over the past few years. She has conducted workshops and delivered presentations at prominent organizations' Community of Practice events.

Her certifications include:

The Coach Whisperer works in a network with other independent partners

One  hour can make the difference to the rest of your life. Invest in your future.                                                                                                         - CoachWhisperer